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The Colours of Cimacotta

Get to know our shades:

Lisbon Night- our Lisbon Night colourway oozes style and sophistication. Whether you’re hosting an extravagant dinner party, cooking for a hot date, or just trying to pretend that you have your life together, Lisbon Night is designed to make you feel like the ultimate culinary boss.

Marble White- cool, clean, timeless. Marble White is Cimacotta’s most elegant shade. The perfect base to display your food, Marble White also has the magical power to make anything; frozen pizza, crisp butties, cheese on toast, look classy and sophisticated.

Bubblegum Pink- “a bubblegum pink dining set?! You must be mad”, they said, and yet we made it anyway. Bubblegum pink is for those who take life a little less seriously. It’s for eating ice cream for breakfast and drinking champagne in the afternoon. It’s a complete YOLO vibe... if you can handle it...

Ocean Wave- be bold, be bright, be blue. Our most whimsical colourway, Ocean Wave is perfect for those who like to experiment and get creative in the kitchen. Supposedly, eating off blue plates also makes you more satisfied after eating, as blue stimulates our appetite less than other colours. Clever, huh?