Upgrade Your Workspace in 4 Easy Steps

Working from home can sometimes feel a little bit monotonous, especially if your home office is also in your bedroom. Along with our tips on how to be more productive working from home, we’ve put together our top four home office ideas for ways to upgrade your workspace so that you can feel more relaxed and work more efficiently throughout the day. You don’t have to be an interior designer to give your workspace a makeover. Follow our office decor tips to give your space a fresh boost!


1) Declutter your space

Often, one of the main things that stops us from decluttering our space is that we think we will lose out on vital time which could be spent working. This is not the case! In fact, the time which you invest in organising your space will be returned back to you with dividends. Once you have decided on the most important possessions for your workspace, you’ll be able to create a calm environment which works for you and means that you’ll feel happier and therefore produce better work in the long term. Additionally, you’ll be able to easily find your possessions and remove things which no longer serve a purpose for you, saving you time, energy and space!

You can also declutter your workspace by regularly cleaning your office. From simple tasks such as removing rubbish, mugs and whatever else you’ve been hoarding, keep your workspace clean and calm. Also try arranging your stationary and everyday items on your desk. This will help you feel more motivated come Monday morning and you will find that you are able to work more efficiently!


2) Add some colour 

Adding colour to your workspace will not only brighten your office, but also your mood. According to research, colour has a psychological effect on your mood with the colour green in particular proven to boost creativity; making it an excellent option for your office! 

You can also add some colour using different rugs, cushions, flowers and wall art. Etsy is also a great place to look for some home accessories. From wall grids which you can hang photos on to organic candles, breathe some fresh air into your everyday workspace with a pop of colour!

Take a look at @heartzeena’s living room for some inspiration! 


3) Use some candles  

Bring some light and warmth into your workspace by investing in some candles! Candles can help to make your space cosier and feel more relaxed. Take a look at these eco-friendly, organic candles for some inspiration and enjoy listening to some relaxing music at the same time whilst you work!

Particularly if you’re working from home at the moment, bringing natural light into your office is a great way to feel more positive and energised. According to research, natural light boosts Vitamin D and prevents bone loss, reduces the risk of heart disease, weight gain and various cancers (according to heathline). Natural light is also excellent for helping to keep you healthy, productive and energised whilst you work. A study found that people who were exposed to more natural light experience a better night’s sleep. In fact, over one thousand, six-hundred employees ranked “access to natural light and views of the outdoors” as their number one desire for a workplace environment (according to Future Workplace’s survey). This reveals the growing attitude from professionals towards prioritising their health and recognising the importance of natural light in the workplace. 


4) Upgrade your desk

If you’re thinking about ways to upgrade your home office workspace, have you considered the desk you are using? Given that on average British people sit for almost nine hours, by opting to use a standing desk, you can invest in a healthier and more stylish workspace. There are many benefits of using an ergonomic desk stand including reduced back ache, increased productivity and a healthier lifestyle. A standing desk is a long lasting investment which is not only a piece of office decor as they look super stylish, but will also help you feel more energised and help you to concentrate throughout the day. 

Our Harmoni desk stand is made from sustainably sourced wood and is available in solid oak, maple and walnut. You don’t need to feel anxious as you anticipate how long your desk will take to build, instead the desk is really easy to use! Simply slot the two frames together and place your shelves into the frame. 

We also now sell additional accessories such as the standing mat to provide additional comfort whilst you work and you can easily alter the height of the desk for when you want to take a little break from standing. 



Upgrading your office space doesn’t have to involve drastic changes. From adding some candles, colour and upgrading your desk, these small home office ideas can have a huge impact. 


Get creative and don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Creating your perfect workspace is very personal, and often it’s best to make small changes over time until you find the workspace that is just right!

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